One thought on “Cartoon: Obamacare

  1. Ha-Cha-Cha says:

    “Four possible explanations for the shocking Obamacare enrollment figures” “Americans are flocking to in greater numbers than ever before in a development that runs precisely contrary to the doom-and-gloom everyone had predicted for this enrollment season. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced yesterday that more than 600,000 people selected plans from Nov. 1 through 4. Those figures appear quite a bit higher than last year, when just over a million people selected plans in the first dozen days (the best comparison available at this point). More than one in five of those people — 137,322 — were new enrollees.”
    Larry Levitt, senior vice president of the Kaiser Family Foundation: “It’s too early to draw conclusions, but it’s clear the law isn’t dead.”
    “IT”S ALIVE!”

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