2016’s word of the year beat out post-truth, deplorables, cuck, woke, and slay for the title

❝ Every year, members of the American Dialect Society gather together to pick the best word that snuck into our lexicons the year before…And in 2016, they have not so much chosen a word as they have substantiated the state of America that predominates a hefty portion of the nation’s mindset.

The 2016 word of the year is “dumpster fire.”

❝ A metaphor that has been used by Mother Jones, The Weekly Standard, and seemingly half of Twitter during the presidential debates, it describes an unwieldy situation that has gotten out of control due to mismanagement. Often used in reference to the 2016 US election, the original GIF has been viewed over 10 million times. It became such a popular term that the AP Style Guide, a literary bible for writers and editors, changed their official syntax for “dumpster” to accommodate:


RTFA for lots more on the use and abuse of the English language. Like accepting “alt-right” as euphemism of the year.