Robot Fear Index

Self-checkout is one of the best uses of robot tech and AI on Earth – as far as my wife and I are concerned. I suppose that will diminish as other shoppers catch on to what an easy escape this offers from lines at the end of the realm of brick-and-morter consumption.

Anyway, read through the article. Interesting stuff.

5 thoughts on “Robot Fear Index

  1. Roomba says:

    “Robots Are Taking Over Oil Rigs as Roughnecks Become Expendable” “As the global oil industry begins to climb out of a collapse that took 440,000 jobs, anywhere from a third to half may never come back. A combination of more efficient drilling rigs and increased automation is reducing the need for field hands. And therein lies a warning to U.S. President Donald Trump, who has predicted a flood of new energy-sector jobs under his watch.
    Automation, of course, has revolutionized many industries, from auto manufacturing to food and clothing makers. Energy companies, which rely on large, complex equipment for drilling and maintaining oil wells, are particularly well-positioned to benefit, says Dennis Yang, chief executive officer of Udemy, a company in San Francisco that trains workers whose careers were derailed by advanced machinery.”

  2. Jacques says:

    “500 Robots Released To Float The World’s Oceans”
    “…This new network of floats will collect data on the chemistry and the biology of the ocean from the surface to a depth of 2,000 meters, augmenting the existing Argo array that monitors ocean temperature and salinity. Data streaming from the float array will be made freely available within a day of being collected via the Argo data system, and will be used by researchers around the world.
    The 500 floats in GO-BGC [Global Ocean Biogeochemistry] will represent half the desired global number of 1,000 floats proposed in the Biogeochemical Argo Science and Implementation Plan (BAPG, 2016) for a global BGC observing system.”

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