4 thoughts on “Hands off our national parks!

  1. Drill Baby says:

    Oil Drilling In National Parks May Soon Be Allowed By Congress : A new resolution would roll back Obama-era regulations, making it much easier to drill on national park land. http://all-that-is-interesting.com/oil-drills-national-parks Arizona Republican Representative Paul Gosar has submitted a resolution to Congress that would roll back an Obama-era regulation hampering states and private interests from drilling for non-federally owned oil on National Park land.
    The new “H.J. Res. 46” resolution, however, would scrap the “9B” regulations that the Obama administration implemented in November 2016 in order to restrict drilling on federal land.
    These 9B regulations primarily affected “split-estate” property, meaning that the federal government has acquired the land for national parks but private owners — including states — still retain the rights to the oil and natural gas buried beneath the surface.

  2. Heads up says:

    Montana Congressman Ryan Zinck is on track to head the Department of the Interior, the cabinet position tasked with management of 500 million acres of federal lands — about one-fifth of the entire United States. As Secretary of the Interior, Zinke’s decisions will impact conservation, recreation, wildlife refuges, endangered species, tribal lands, clean air and water, energy development, and the economy, as well as the beloved National Parks.
    “Zinke’s dismal record on public lands makes him unfit for Interior” (The Hill) http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/energy-environment/318110-zinkes-dismal-record-on-public-lands-wildlife-make-him See also “His Former Commander Exposes Ryan Zinke’s Navy SEAL Career and Defective “Moral Make-up” (2014) https://intelligentdiscontent.com/2014/05/30/his-former-commander-exposes-ryan-zinkes-navy-seal-career-and-defective-moral-make-up/

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