Only Trump can save us!

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Praise, Jeebus!


2 thoughts on “Only Trump can save us!

  1. Anomie says:

    Meet the Hundreds of Officials Trump Has Quietly Installed Across the Government – including a former campaign aide who claims Democrats committed ‘ethnic cleansing’ to liquidate the white working class, a former reality show contestant and survivalist, heathcare industry and defense contractor lobbyists and a Trump supporter who just graduated from high school. While President Trump has not moved to fill many jobs that require Senate confirmation, he has quietly installed hundreds of officials to serve as his eyes and ears at every major federal agency, from the Pentagon to the Department of Interior. Unlike appointees exposed to the scrutiny of the Senate, members of these so-called “beachhead teams” have operated largely in the shadows, with the White House declining to publicly reveal their identities. “The beachhead teams involve people with considerable authority over the federal government,” said Max Stier, the CEO of the Partnership for Public Service, a nonpartisan group that advises presidential candidates on smooth transitions. “We need clarity about what they’re doing and what their role is going to be.”

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