The world always counted on the US to help fight a global health crisis — Not anymore, man!

Panic, bad judgment and a disregard for science

❝ China is facing the biggest and deadliest outbreak of H7N9 bird flu in human history…The virus causes pneumonia and death in most of its victims, which is why it tops the list of global flu pandemic threats.

…460 human cases of the virus have been confirmed in China since last October — the most of any flu season since H7N9 was first reported in humans in 2013…Forty percent of those confirmed to have the virus have died — including at least 87 people this year alone. That high mortality rate is part of the reason the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers H7N9 the “most concerning” of the flu viruses it tracks…

❝ For now, the risk of H7N9 reaching the US is low. Still, the chances of the US being hit with some kind of pandemic in the next four years is high…Based on what we’ve seen from President Donald Trump so far, the US seems poised to botch an outbreak response:

1) Trump hasn’t named a CDC director and could cut 12 percent of its budget

2) “America first” doesn’t work during pandemics

3) Trump has advocated for closing borders to countries dealing with outbreaks. That’s dangerous.

4) The fallout from Trump’s travel ban could hamper research collaboration that could save lives

We’ll eventually learn whether Trump will put public health above politics — and hopefully the White House’s pandemic test doesn’t roll around too soon. Trump’s Ebola tweets and perpetuation of myths about vaccines certainly aren’t very encouraging. But perhaps the gravity of the Oval Office will change the stakes.

Anyone expecting Trump to acquire an interest in science or sensible governance may as well be smoking something mellow. His forte is loudness, blather designed to impress someone with the civic understanding of a sixth-grade social pass. Ignorance is his bliss – and our biggest danger.

Want more details? Click the link above and see what he’s done, so far. Or, rather, what he hasn’t done.

2 thoughts on “The world always counted on the US to help fight a global health crisis — Not anymore, man!

  1. keaneo says:

    Anti-science, ‘Murica First crowd are so damned dumb. Not even conscious of the fact that avian flu is the most likely strain to spread globally. Will Trump order the Air Force to shoot down migrating birds?

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