Food group choices linked to early deaths

❝ An estimated 45.4% of all deaths caused by heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes are associated with eating either too much or too little of just 10 food categories, according to research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

❝ The researchers based their estimates on a total of 318,656 deaths related to cardiometabolic causes — heart disease, stroke and diabetes — which occurred during 2012.

❝ A larger proportion of men than women died due to diet-related causes. This is consistent with generally unhealthier eating habits in men, say the researchers. Poor diet was also associated with a greater percentage of mortality among younger people vs. older people.

The biggest culprit? Too much salty food caused 9.5% of the total diet-related deaths. Red meat caused less than 1%.

RTFA. Well done. A pleasant surprise from CNN. Not trying to be snarky; but, frankly habit has me generally ignoring CNN since the downhill run with Time-Warner began.

Anyway – the article is useful and well-written, succinct and brief. Depending on when you click in, the article may or may not be broken into individual segments requiring arrow clicks to move on. I know, I know. That’s how they make their online income.

Border Patrol Easing Lie Detector Exams To Boost Hiring

❝ For the past three years, the U.S. Border Patrol has been using recruitment videos and job fairs to fill a gap in its ranks. It’s the largest law enforcement agency in the country but is still shy nearly 2,000 people from a target of 21,000.

That was the case even before President Donald Trump’s mandate that it bring in 5,000 more…rejection rates are high and it takes about 200 applicants to finally fill one position.

❝ “One of the things we do: we go to job fairs. We partner up with colleges and universities to look for candidates that are within the demographic of agents that we’re looking for,” Vicente Paco, a spokesman for the Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector, said.

The Border Patrol also looks for military veterans and former police officers. But some agency critics said its strict lie detector tests are part of the reason it has such a hard time filling vacancies…

❝ Customs and Border Protection officials said a 2010 anti-corruption law requires it to administer these exams…The agency does appear to be trying to ease the application process by waiving the polygraph for applicants who have already worked in sensitive jobs such as certain military positions…

❝ Kevin McAleenan, the acting CBP commissioner…wrote that the Border Patrol receives 60,000 to 75,000 applications a year and since 2013, has hired an average of 523 agents a year but lost 904 agents a year to attrition.

McAleenan wrote that the agency will need to hire 2,729 agents a year to achieve the president’s order within five years.

Reliability of lie detectors is questionable. Results are still not admissible AFAIK in courts of law in the United States.

The chuckle remains – does anyone think Trump could pass a lie detector test. For anything?