Mating rituals among swamp-dwellers

Let’s walk through this chain of events…that mixes together Julian Assange, President Trump, Nigel Farage and Sean Spicer.

❝ 1. March 8th, Wikileaks released a trove of documents which purport to document numerous hacking tools used by the CIA…

❝ 2. Around noon March 9th, someone tipped off Buzzfeed…that Nigel Farage was meeting with Julian Assange at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London where Assange been holed up since 2012 to avoid questioning and possible arrest on a sexual assault accusation in Sweden. Farage is a close ally and advisor to President Trump…

❝ 3. Some time after noon in London, Farage emerged from the Embassy. Buzzfeed photographed him and asked what he was doing there. Farage refused to say…

❝ 4. A short time later, a source with the UK Independence Party…confirmed to The Independent that Farage was meeting with Assange and had met with him for about 40 minutes.

❝ 5. That afternoon…Assange holds a press conference discussing his new batch of CIA documents and promising more revelations.

❝ 6. During Sean Spicer’s daily press briefing, an AP reporter asks Spicer about the Farage/Assange meeting and whether he carrying a message from President Trump. Spicer basically ducked the question…

The music goes round and round and it comes out where?

2 thoughts on “Mating rituals among swamp-dwellers

  1. Useful Idiot says:

    “Who and why, twin mysteries behind leak of CIA’s cybertools” (A/P)
    “WikiLeaks’ CIA Document Dump: What You Need to Know : A look at what the new revelations from Julian Assange’s organization mean for citizens, tech companies and the government” (Rolling Stone)
    “WikiLeaks CIA cache: Fool me once”

  2. Update says:

    “Sean Spicer signs with top TV lawyer after meetings with networks” “Sources say Spicer signed with Barnett and Michael O’Connor of Williams & Connolly Thursday after taking meetings with all the major TV and news networks including NBC, CBS and Fox News last week. …Sources say Barnett and O’Connor will be representing Spicer for all post White House TV deals, business consultancies and speaking appearances. There is also talk of a potential book deal. The source also confirmed that Spicer has turned down the opportunity to appear on “Dancing With The Stars” after talking it over with his wife.”

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