Trumpcare FAIL — as the Republican Party’s repeal of Obamacare pulled from House of Representatives

Thanks Ian Bremmer for the cartoon

Republican repeal of Obamacare fails as healthcare bill pulled from House vote…

Donald Trump suffered a major legislative reversal on Friday as Republicans were forced to pull their repeal of the Affordable Care Act from the House floor…

As it became clear that Republican resistance to the bill was hardening, House speaker Paul Ryan went to the White House to tell Trump in person that he did not have the votes to pass the bill.

However, as the 3.30pm deadline slid by, first reports emerged that Trump had asked for the vote to be pulled.

Minutes later House Republicans, short of votes, had withdrawn the health bill.

Sometimes the truly corrupt get what they deserve. True, there isn’t much difference between Congressional Republicans [or Blue Dog Democrats] and a slug like Donald Trump. Corrupt. Liars. Useless to the real needs of American workers, American working-class families.

Trump is more of a pathological liar than the crafty slime stinking up Congress with each of their several sects, e.g. Tea Party, so-called Freedom Caucus, neo-cons, whatever. So, give him credit for being the worst of the lot.

3 thoughts on “Trumpcare FAIL — as the Republican Party’s repeal of Obamacare pulled from House of Representatives

  1. List of X says:

    I don’t think it was a victory of clean against the corrupt. It’s more like groups corrupted by different influences couldn’t come to the common denominator.

  2. Yee-Haw says:

    “As members of the House of Representatives deliberated over the future of American healthcare on Thursday, Republican Rep. Lamar Smith, from Texas, ducked out to do one of his most favorite things: tell Americans that climate change isn’t real.
    The chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology left the stress on the Hill of trying to rankle Republican votes to upend American healthcare, and instead rolled over to the Grand Hyatt in Washington, DC to give the keynote address at the ironically titled, 12th International Conference on Climate Change—an event put on by the conservative think tank and largest peddler of climate skepticism, the Heartland Institute.”

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