Nixon had a tape gap; Reagan, a memory gap; now, Trump faces an Incompetence Gap

❝ I just read that the Trump administration has filled only 22 of the 553 key positions that require Senate confirmation. This makes me worry that the administration will not have enough manpower to produce the same volume and standard of incompetence that we’ve come to expect so far.

❝ Granted, in its first few months the administration has produced an impressive amount of ineptitude with very few people.

On his worst days Sean Spicer can produce more errors than 10 normal men on their best days. Kellyanne Conway can flail her way through television confrontations 24/7 and still have the stamina to lose to the Teletubbies on Saturday morning…

❝ But can this last? By midsummer, during the high vacation and indictment season, we could see empty hallways in the West Wing and a disorienting incompetence shortage emanating from Washington…

❝ Now I’m not underestimating the president’s own capacity for carrying on in an incompetent manner almost indefinitely. I don’t think we’ve reached peak Trump.

Nor do I think we’ve approached anything like an imminent proto-fascist takeover of our nation. After all, the Bikers for Trump never produced as many murders as a Rolling Stones concert. Trump’s dedicated fans in the Nazi and white-supremacist crowd still couldn’t fill the average minor league baseball stadium for a rally. The illiterate and uneducated continue to miss out on Il Duce’s Twitter storms – left to rely on Alex Jones and cable television for guidance.

We’ll just have to wait and watch. Consider our options. While Trump’s life-size imitation of a margarine-stuffed piñata flails back at reality. Perhaps imploding in the end.

RTFA for the rest of David Brook’s subtle satire.

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