Hundreds of Economists from Left to Right tell Trump immigrants are good for the USofA

❝ Almost 1,500 economists across the political spectrum wrote a letter addressed to President Trump and congressional leaders that praised immigrants as an economic benefit to the United States and implored lawmakers to “modernize our immigration system.”

❝ “As Congress and the Administration prepare to revisit our immigration laws, we write to express our broad consensus that immigration is one of America’s significant competitive advantages in the global economy,” the letter stated in part. “With the proper and necessary safeguards in place, immigration represents an opportunity rather than a threat to our economy and to American workers.”

❝ The letter pointed out that immigrants have a positive effect on job creation by creating entrepreneurs who hire American workers; offsetting the retirement of the Baby Boomer population; granting diverse skill sets that help companies grow; and driving economic growth in industries like science, technology, engineering, and math.

The letter writers pointed out that immigration has economic costs, but ultimately said that “the benefits that immigration brings to society far outweigh their costs, and smart immigration policy could better maximize the benefits of immigration while reducing the costs.”…

❝ The crux of the letter — that immigrants are an economic benefit for the country — has been consistently proven true. More than half of U.S. firms that are valued at $1 billion or more, had at least one immigrant co-founder, according to a 2016 National Foundation for American Policy study. One-quarter of engineering and technology companies started in the United States between 2006 and 2012 had at least one founder who was an immigrant. And as the letter writers alluded to, the massive wave of 77 million Baby Boomers retiring between 2010 and 2030 will slow labor force growth. A 2013 Center for American Progress study found that at least two-thirds of all entrants into the workforce, including immigrants, are needed to replace today’s current workers with the additional one-third needed to grow the workforce.

The study doesn’t clarify which immigrants bring an economic boon to the economy. But studies show that all kinds of immigrants — including undocumented ones who contribute $11.74 billion in taxes annually — are integral to the economic health of this country.

I doubt Trump chumps will read any coverage of this letter – much less the letter itself, Or care much for the breadth of economics that endorse the concepts within.

Some of our Congress-critters will respond. A few will understand the economics discussed and fight to build a new understanding of immigration. Trump and his neo-con bubbas will ignore it.

The point remains this is a starting point for the broader fight to build a political fight for real independents to represent the American people in government. Democrat or Independent candidacy isn’t as important as a progressive mindset willing to fight for a future that doesn’t seem to excite or motivate the owners of the two Establishment parties. But, promises to bring American workingclass families a better life than we now have.

7 thoughts on “Hundreds of Economists from Left to Right tell Trump immigrants are good for the USofA

  1. Update says:

    “CEO of Yogurt Giant Chobani Expands in Idaho Despite Turmoil” (NYT 11/9/17) The founder and CEO of Chobani, Hamdi Ulukaya, a Turkish immigrant of Kurdish descent, announced Thursday a $20 million expansion of the company’s facility (which is the world’s largest yogurt plant) in the city of Twin Falls. The project follows a series of expansion efforts by Chobani since opening its $450 million Idaho plant in 2012. The company currently employs 2,000 workers, including 300 refugees – and pays an average of $15 an hour, more than twice the minimum wage of $7.25.
    See also “Alex Jones settles Chobani lawsuit and retracts comments about refugees in Twin Falls, Idaho” (LA Times 5/17/17) “Ulukaya told the Financial Times magazine last year: “If a refugee has a job, they are no longer a refugee.” Chobani starts employees between $12 and $15 an hour with benefits. Last year, Ulukaya gave shares of the company to its employees as a way to thank them and possibly turn some into millionaires.”

  2. Emma Lazarus says:

    216 companies on the 2017 Fortune 500 were founded by immigrants or their children
    For a quick picture of immigrants’ contributions to the US, take a look at the country’s Fortune 500 firms. Of the companies that made the list in 2017, 43% were founded by an immigrant or the child of an immigrant, according to research from the Center for American Entrepreneurship. The share of immigrant founders in technology is even higher, 45%—though there are immigrant entrepreneurs are represented in every sector.

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