Trump says he saved $1 Billion on Jet – Air Force says “Huh, Wha?”

❝ The Air Force can’t account for $1 billion in savings that President Donald Trump said he’s negotiated for the program to develop, purchase and operate two new Boeing Co. jets to serve as Air Force One…Colonel Pat Ryder, an Air Force spokesman, told reporters…when asked how Trump had managed to reduce the price for the new presidential plane. “I refer you to the White House.”

A White House spokesman didn’t respond to repeated inquiries about Trump’s comments.

❝ “They were close to signing a $4.2 billion deal to have a new Air Force One,” Trump said at a rally…in Florida…Instead, Trump said, “we got that price down by over $1 billion, and I probably haven’t spoken, to be honest with you, for more than an hour on the project. I got the generals in, who are fantastic. I got Boeing in. But I told Boeing it’s not good enough. We’re not going to do it. The price is still too high.”…

❝ So far, the Air Force has budgeted about $1.6 billion through 2019 for the Air Force One program. It decided in 2015 to let Boeing build the jets without competition because it had the only U.S.-built passenger plane that could be adapted for the purpose. But the service said it would provide for bidding on specialized equipment such as advanced electronics and communications.

Fake news from a fake president is something our media seems to be finding means of accommodating. No doubt Congressional Republicans will eventually do the same – excepting the nutball TeaPublicans who call themselves the Freedom Caucus. Illicit – and mostly unchallenged – gerrymandering guarantees their members safe passage till the results of the 2020 census. That is, unless Obama’s rumored constitutional challenges to Congressional sophistry actually take place before then.

3 thoughts on “Trump says he saved $1 Billion on Jet – Air Force says “Huh, Wha?”

  1. Smilin' Jack says:

    “Trump tweeted after the election that he wants to cut costs for the presidential aeroplane, but he’s also said enviously that another head of state, the emir of Kuwait, has a bigger one.
    Air Force personnel are scrambling to make the new aeroplane happen – and meet the president’s demands. They’re looking at ways to ensure that the aircraft will be as cost-efficient as possible while at the same time embodies the heft that Trump wants. Boeing executives said last week that they’d been awarded a contract for the aeroplane’s redesign. “We’ll do our best to drive down costs,” said Caroline Hutcheson, a Boeing spokeswoman. (BBC 9/21/17) “The air force recently bought two Boeing 747-8s at a bargain price. That’s what they say – they haven’t revealed the cost, though, so it’s hard to know. The new aircraft will replace the older model, the 747-200B, but it won’t be ready for several years. …the wingspan is nearly 30 feet longer than the old one.”

  2. Hop Harrigan says:

    “Refrigerator upgrade for Air Force One to cost $24 million: report” (Jan 26, 2018)
    See also “Trump Wanted a Cheaper Air Force One. So the USAF Is Buying a Bankrupt Russian Firm’s Undelivered 747s” (Aug 1, 2017) …The Pentagon’s 2018 budget request, sent to Congress in February, shows that the Air Force plans to spend nearly $3.2 billion between 2018 and 2022 on two new Air Force One jets. Trump would likely fly on the new planes if he is elected to a second term.

  3. FOX News says:

    “President Trump, in an interview aired Thursday, unveiled the new red, white and blue paint job for the new Air Force One — and promised that the jet would also be much bigger than the existing presidential plane. “Here’s your new Air Force One and I’m doing that for other presidents, not for me,” Trump told ABC News in the Oval Office.
    The red, white and blue paint job replaces the current white and light blue design selected by President John Kennedy and first lady Jackie Kennedy. Axios reported that he wanted a “more American” scheme that isn’t “Jackie Kennedy color.”
    The redesign comes as part of the contract with Boeing to build a fleet of two new Air Force jets. Trump was a critic of the project and eventually reached a deal with Boeing to buy the jets for $3.9 billion — $1.4 billion down from the original estimate.”

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