17 Mexican state governors from the past decade are either in jail, under investigation, or on the lam

❝ When Javier Duarte stepped down from office last October, the former governor of Mexico’s Veracruz state vowed to fight the mounting corruption allegations that unraveled his tenure…

Then, Duarte disappeared.

❝ It would be another half-year before the he surfaced — this time in handcuffs, escorted from his hotel at a lakeside resort in Guatemala on Saturday night. Authorities say he had been squirreled away in a hotel room with his wife, attempting to pass as a tourist.

❝ Now he is in a prison cell in Guatemala City, awaiting his widely expected extradition back to Mexico, where Reuters reports he’ll face allegations that he diverted public funds for his personal enrichment. That includes a luxury ranch — packed with paintings by masters such as Joan Miro and Leonora Carrington, the BBC reports — that authorities say was paid for by siphoned dollars.

❝ During his roughly six years in office, Duarte’s Gulf Coast state also earned the inglorious distinction of becoming “one of the world’s most lethal regions for the press,” according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. The CPJ estimated last year that at least 12 journalists were murdered during Duarte’s tenure; other organizations have placed that number even higher.

And that’s only one of the scumbags the headline references. Please RTFA and understand the elected criminals in charge are little different from the criminals officially belonging to gangs.

2 thoughts on “17 Mexican state governors from the past decade are either in jail, under investigation, or on the lam

  1. Vecino says:

    “Corruption at a Level of Audacity ‘Never Seen in Mexico’” (NYT 4/19/17) https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/19/world/americas/in-mexico-mounting-misdeeds-but-governors-escape-justice.html Also: “The ex-Chancellor or Guatemala issued a statement that Duarte could have been deported in one day, just as Chapo was in 1993 for entering the country illegally if Mexico had really wanted him. Mexico initiated the extradition process (which Duarte is fighting for now) which stopped the deportation. You have to ask why Mexico would want his return slowed.” http://www.borderlandbeat.com/2017/04/javier-duarte-de-ochoa-told-guatemala.html

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