Steve Ballmer’s answer to alternative facts =

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Bumped into this by accident on Bloomberg TV the other day – and realized I’d already started using even though it’s still in beta.

Worthy goals. Worthwhile investment of time and money by someone from the world of Tech who could be doing any damned thing with his money he wishes [like owning an NBA Basketball Team 🙂 ].

Thank you, Mr. Ballmer

3 thoughts on “Steve Ballmer’s answer to alternative facts =

  1. Doublespeak says:

    “Why are we spending so much time trying to match what Donald J. Trump says to reality? Is it because he is the President of the United States, and could start a war with words? Or because we place some sort of value on the truth, or on the meaning of words? Whatever the source of our folly, it is, from the President’s perspective, just that: a big waste of time. Reality will contort itself to match his imagination—his Presidentialness—all on its own. He doesn’t even need to sign laws, let alone accurately describe what he wants to do. He is in the White House; the world and time bend.”

    • moss says:

      I forget what channel; but, I watched a MTV-speed quick take of Congress-members, this morning, commenting on Trump’s first 100 days.

      There actually was one Redneck Republican who said, “Thank goodness – at least he’s provided clarity to our foreign policy.”

      He must live in a homeless shelter in some other galaxy?

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