3 thoughts on ““We Win!” Just Not You and Me…

  1. moss says:

    The sleaziest part is these scumbags haven’twon anything more than a draft bill moving to further consideration. Mass media hacks rollover and stick all four feet straight up in the air.


    House Republicans barely managed to pass their Obamacare repeal bill earlier this month, and they now face the possibility of having to vote again on their controversial health measure.
    House Speaker Paul Ryan hasn’t yet sent the bill to the Senate because there’s a chance that parts of it may need to be redone, depending on how the Congressional Budget Office estimates its effects. House leaders want to make sure the bill conforms with Senate rules for reconciliation, a mechanism that allows Senate Republicans to pass the bill with a simple majority. https://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2017-05-18/house-may-be-forced-to-vote-again-on-gop-s-obamacare-repeal-bill The House approved the bill on May 4 on a narrow 217-213 vote. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/04/us/politics/health-care-bill-vote.html

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