Will Trump’s Economic Illiteracy Start a Trade War?

❝ Donald Trump…and his commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, continue to commit an economic fallacy that first-year economics students learn to avoid. They claim that America’s current-account deficit (or trade deficit), which is in fact the result of America’s low and falling saving rate, is an indicator of unfair trade practices by Germany and China, two current-account surplus countries. Their embrace of economic ignorance could lead to disaster.

❝ The current-account balance, measuring the balance of trade in goods, services, net factor income, and transfer payments from abroad, is equal to national saving minus domestic investment. That’s not a theory. It’s an identity, save for any statistical discrepancy between gross national product (GDP) and gross national income (GNI). It’s true whether you are liberal or conservative, populist or mainstream, a Keynesian or a supply-sider. Even Trump and all his deal making can’t change that. Yet he is threatening a trade war because of deficits that reflect America’s own saving-investment imbalance.

❝ A country runs a current-account deficit if investment exceeds national saving, and runs a surplus when investment is less than national saving. For a country with a balanced current account, a deficit can arise if its investment rate rises, its saving rate falls, or some combination of the two occurs…

❝ Americans should not allow themselves to be fooled. The emperor has no clothes, imported or domestic; and, apparently, he has no competent economic advisers, either.

RTFA for more examples and illumination. I know Trump won’t.

One thought on “Will Trump’s Economic Illiteracy Start a Trade War?

  1. Playing with fire says:

    “Trump might be close to escalating a trade fight with China” https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2018/2/17/17023400/trump-might-be-close-to-escalating-a-trade-fight-with-china Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross issued a pair of reports on Friday on a months-long investigation into the national security impacts of steel and aluminum imports to the United States. The measures proposed would cut imports from around the globe in an effort to boost domestic production. China warned the country would take “necessary measures to defend our rights” should President Donald Trump decide to follow Ross’ recommendations.

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