Trump officials leak to reporters that they’re supposed to stop leaking to reporters

White House officials keep leaking internal conversations to reporters detailing that they’re being ordered not to leak internal conversations to reporters…

This is hardly the first time Trump officials have almost immediately defied their boss’s direct orders not to disclose information to the media by leaking something about the direct order itself.

Within the first week of Trump’s administration, close to 12 of his closest aides helped plant a story in the Washington Post about his frustration with negative news stories.

It’s worth pausing for a second to reflect on what the ongoing leaks about leaks suggest about the internal chaos of the Trump administration.

As Vox’s Yochi Dreazen has noted, trying to put together major White House initiatives presumably takes an act of faith that plans can be floated and debated without immediately leaking…

And then the boss changes his mind, changes his story, invents new lies to cover lies from the day before.

Texas ‘Baby Jails’ Can Ignore Regulations Protecting Children — Senate Republicans Say So

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❝ …The state Senate has passed SB 1018, which would license immigrant family detention centers — also called ‘baby jail — as child care facilities. The bill would allow prison firms to ignore regulations that other child care facilities must follow, and was written by GEO Group, Inc., the nation’s second-largest for-profit prison corporation.

❝ Currently, mothers and children such as the ones fleeing violence in Central America and seeking asylum are only held in “baby jails” for weeks at a time, but the new bill would allow facilities to detain mothers and children for the duration of their asylum cases. It would also give the Department of Family and Protective Services broad authority to waive any minimum standards necessary in order to license the facilities…

❝ In the last month, dozens of people have testified against the legislation — while only four spoke in favor, and three of those four were employees of the GEO Group. The bill’s author, Bryan Hughes, admitted that he’s never been to a family detention center and had only “seen pictures”.

Texas Republicans prove, once again, they’re ready, willing and able to pass corrupt regulations that benefit sleazy corporations – as long as it pays.