Trump officials leak to reporters that they’re supposed to stop leaking to reporters

White House officials keep leaking internal conversations to reporters detailing that they’re being ordered not to leak internal conversations to reporters…

This is hardly the first time Trump officials have almost immediately defied their boss’s direct orders not to disclose information to the media by leaking something about the direct order itself.

Within the first week of Trump’s administration, close to 12 of his closest aides helped plant a story in the Washington Post about his frustration with negative news stories.

It’s worth pausing for a second to reflect on what the ongoing leaks about leaks suggest about the internal chaos of the Trump administration.

As Vox’s Yochi Dreazen has noted, trying to put together major White House initiatives presumably takes an act of faith that plans can be floated and debated without immediately leaking…

And then the boss changes his mind, changes his story, invents new lies to cover lies from the day before.

7 thoughts on “Trump officials leak to reporters that they’re supposed to stop leaking to reporters

  1. Plumber says:

    Fox News’ Charles Krauthammer on Friday warned White House officials that they may be “protesting too much” in the face of revelations that a White House official close to President Trump has been identified as a person of interest in the FBI’s Russia probe.
    “Former George W. Bush Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove said on Friday the White House leaks are originating from career government officials and the lack of consequences is damaging to President Trump. “Our biggest current leaker is [James] Comey who is obviously going back to his notes, internal memorandum and through a friend or friends leaking them to the press,” Rove said during an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Cavuto: Coast-to-Coast. Former Whitewater Independent Counsel Robert Ray said it’s possible that some of the White House leaks have resulted from Trump’s combative relationship with intelligence agencies.”

  2. Footnote says:

    (Audio) In a conversation on October 19 1972, H.R. Haldeman tells President Richard Nixon that the man leaking to the press, the mysterious figure who would go on to be known as Deep Throat, is top FBI man Mark Felt. A few minutes after this conversation, Haldeman would reveal how they discovered that Felt was the leaker. That discussion is here:… Audio and transcript for this clip is taken from The National Security Archive, from the page “Nixon and the FBI: The White House Tapes”:
    Audio:… Transcript:

  3. ReSister says:

    EPA employees eagerly leak documents from their mandatory anti-leaking class. This week, workers at the federal agency were forced to attended a one-hour training course on how to prevent leaks to the press. In response, they disclosed memos and slideshows from the course to multiple outlets, including The Hill, Reuters, and the Associated Press. Politico received a leaked memo about the class before it even took place.
    The training was part of a wider White House crackdown on leaks across federal agencies. Though most EPA staff don’t handle classified files, agency officials wanted to prevent workers from sharing what they called “controlled unclassified information,” citing national security concerns. Numerous leaks have come out of the EPA this year, beginning with the Trump team’s plan for the agency back in January. Since then, the media has obtained government reports on climate science, Trump’s proposed budget cuts for the agency, and more.
    Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned last month that anyone who leaked sensitive government information would be investigated and potentially prosecuted.

  4. Maquis says:

    In response to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s accusation about the loyalty of his workforce The department’s former top climate change official is urging other civil servants to join him in exposing the ways the Trump administration is betraying the core missions of federal agencies.

  5. Déjà vu says:

    “How Game Theory Explains the Leaks in the Trump White House” (The New Yorker May 15th)
    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump 2:46 PM – May 14, 2018: “The so-called leaks coming out of the White House are a massive over exaggeration put out by the Fake News Media in order to make us look as bad as possible. With that being said, leakers are traitors and cowards, and we will find out who they are!”
    ‘It is disgusting’: Sarah Huckabee Sanders goes on Trump’s favorite show to warn that White House leakers will be fired (amid the ongoing controversy over an aide’s joke about Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) death).
    White House Leaker Covers Tracks by Impersonating Co-workers
    Trump Keeps Trying (and Failing) to Stop These White House Leaks
    Karl Rove names main source of White House leaks
    White House Plumbers

  6. anonymous source says:

    The Department of Justice has indicted and arrested the former Senate Intelligence Committee’s director of security on charges of lying to FBI agents about his interactions with three reporters, including through encrypted messaging apps, during the course of an investigation into classified information leaks. The charges came shortly after The New York Times reported the Justice Department seized one of its reporter’s phone and email records as part of a leak investigation.

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