Artist invites you to “pay Trump bribes here” at Trump’s DC hotel

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❝ The ongoing gallery of anti-Trump art just got a splashy new addition…Artist Robin Bell projected a series of words onto the front of the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, on Monday night:

“Pay Trump bribes here.”

“Emoluments welcome.”

And then the text of the emoluments clause of the Constitution, which forbids US government officials to accept gifts from foreign powers…

❝ …It’s why presidents traditionally step away from their businesses while in office — and some say it’s downright illegal, because of the emoluments clause. Trump is facing a lawsuit from the liberal watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, who argue that the emoluments clause prohibits Trump’s businesses from accepting payments from foreign governments.

Way cool. Worth repeating around the world. For your local crooks – as well as our world-class thug-in-chief.

2 thoughts on “Artist invites you to “pay Trump bribes here” at Trump’s DC hotel

  1. Archy says:

    “The Latest: Document says Trump hotel brought in nearly $20M” (6/16/17)
    “A late Friday document dump by the U.S. Office of Government Ethics revealed that President Donald Trump owes at least $315 million in personal liabilities to several U.S. and foreign lenders, according to a federal financial disclosure.” (6/16/17) Speaking of NYC hotels: “Can You Pick a Bedbug Out of a Lineup?” (interactive: pick one to get the rest of the story)

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