Chinese province runs seven days on renewable energy alone

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❝ Northwest China’s Qinghai Province has just run for seven straight days entirely on renewable energy.

From June 17 to midnight of June 23, Qinghai used only wind, solar and hydro power stations.

Quan Shengming, general manager of the provincial grid company, said during the period, electricity use was 1.1 billion kilowatt hours, equivalent to 535,000 tons of coal.

❝ Hydro power plants supplied 72.3 percent of the electricity, with new energy like wind and solar supplying the remainder for the province, which is home to 5.8 million people, said Han Ti, vice general manager.

Laxiwa hydro-power station in Guide county, is the largest on the upper stream of the Yellow River. On average, it generates 10.2 billion kilowatt hours a year…

❝ Home to the source of China’s major rivers, Qinghai has strong hydro-power and solar supplies.

Clean energy is the ultimate way. We need to reduce reliance on fossil fuel, improve our energy structure, and reduce carbon emissions,” said Han.

It’s happening all around the world. In the United States, the changeover will continue upon the efforts of states and localities – now that we have a federal government run by 18th Century ideologues.

3 thoughts on “Chinese province runs seven days on renewable energy alone

  1. Gweilo Joe says:

    China is building a smog-eating ‘forest city’ filled with tree-covered skyscrapers Stefano Boeri’s first ‘forest city’ in china is now under construction in the city of liuzhou. conceived as a green metropolis, the project will eventually accommodate 30,000 people, with offices, houses, hotels, hospitals, and schools entirely covered with plants and trees. the revealing of the vast masterplan follows the italian architect’s ‘vertical forest’ in milan, which was completed in 2014, and the unveiling of similar projects planned for lausanne, switzerland, and nanjing, china.

  2. Guachiman says:

    According to the Costa Rican Institute of Electricity (ICE), the Central American country has run on 100 percent power generated from renewable energy for 300 days. (26 November 2017) Currently, Costa Rica is receiving 99.62 percent of its electricity from five renewable energy sources, the highest percentage for the country since 1987.
    The breakdown is 78.26 percent of electricity from hydropower, 10.29 percent from wind, 10.23 percent from geothermal energy and 0.84 percent from biomass and solar.
    Additionally, the statistics provided by the National Center for Energy Control projects that Costa Rica could surpass the 300 day-mark before 2017 closes.

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