7 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

    • Daniel 5:5 says:

      ‘Lie after lie after lie’: Fox News’s Shepard Smith has a Cronkite moment on Russia https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2017/07/14/lie-after-lie-after-lie-fox-news-shepard-smith-has-a-cronkite-moment-on-russia/ Transcript:
      Shepard Smith: “We’re still not clean on this, Chris [Wallace]. If there’s nothing there — and that’s what they tell us, they tell us there’s nothing to this and nothing came of it, there’s a nothingburger, it wasn’t even memorable, didn’t write it down, didn’t tell you about it, because it wasn’t anything so I didn’t even remember it — with a Russian interpreter in the room at Trump Tower? If all of that, why all these lies? Why is it lie after lie after lie? If you clean, come on clean, you know? My grandmother used to say when first we practice to — Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. The deception, Chris, is mind-boggling. And there are still people who are out there who believe we’re making it up. And one day they’re gonna realize we’re not and look around and go, Where are we, and why are we getting told all these lies?”
      Chris Wallace: “I don’t know what to say”

    • Atë says:

      “Wall Street Journal: Trump and family repeating mistakes that ‘doomed’ Clinton” (WSJ 7/18/17) http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/342460-wsj-editorial-trump-and-family-repeating-mistakes-that-doomed-clinton “…The editorial board said it expects Trump will ignore its advice. Trump “somehow seems to believe that his outsize personality and social-media following make him larger than the Presidency,” it wrote.
      “He’s wrong. He and his family seem oblivious to the brutal realities of Washington politics,” the editorial said.
      “Those realities will destroy Mr. Trump, his family and their business reputation unless they change their strategy toward the Russia probe. They don’t have much more time to do it.”

  1. Kuzma's mother says:

    “Russian Election Interference in Trump’s Own Words” (timeline circa July 13, 2017) https://www.russiamatters.org/blog/russian-election-interference-trumps-own-words
    “Trump campaign paid Trump Jr.’s lawyer $50,000 last month — before revelations that Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer” http://www.businessinsider.com/r-trump-campaign-paid-lawyer-now-representing-son-50000-in-june-2017-7
    “The Nihilism of Julian Assange” – re: “Risk”, a documentary film directed by Laura Poitras – who also directed “Citizen Four” (2014), an Oscar-winning documentary about Edward Snowden. http://www.nybooks.com/articles/2017/07/13/nihilism-of-julian-assange-wikileaks/

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