Truck full of hagfish rolls over releasing thousands of slimy sea creatures

Click for a close-up

❝ In a scene straight out of nightmares, a truck full of “slime eels” lost its load Thursday on U.S. 101, causing a five-car crash, dousing sedans with goo and sending sea creatures slithering across vehicles and the highway.

❝ Technically, the fish were not eels, but hagfish, which have a skull but no jaw or spine and they secrete slime when distressed, earning them the nickname “slime eels.”

And distressed they were, emitting gooey stuff that will make you shiver in your sandals — and that covered 101 along with the 7,500 pounds of fish.

Eeoouugh! Looks like a strategy meeting in the Trump White House.

8 thoughts on “Truck full of hagfish rolls over releasing thousands of slimy sea creatures

  1. Pescadero says:

    AKA: Hagfish “…Some say the eels have a texture and flavor similar to clams – also “a firm white meat that tastes like squid.” Hagfish is in demand in Korea, where restaurant patrons pay as much as $20 per pound (circa 2013) to choose and chomp”
    Potential absorbent antimicrobial bandages and ointment from Pacific hagfish slime to use on burns and wounds
    “The US Navy Is Engineering Hagfish Slime to Stop Missiles And Sharks” “Researchers have called the hagfish slime one of the most unique biomaterials known,” says one of the team, materials engineer Ryan Kincer. “For the US Navy to have its hands on it or a material that acts similar would be beneficial.”

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