2 thoughts on “Something you do well — and often

  1. Geezer says:

    “The Health 202: Policy is just as lethal as politics to the GOP health care bill” (Wapo 7/24/17) https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/paloma/the-health-202/2017/07/24/the-health-202-policy-not-just-politics-is-just-as-lethal-to-the-gop-health-care-bill/5972471330fb04367954320b/ “Budget Committee Democrats indicated last week how Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough is leaning on elements of the Better Care Reconciliation Act. There are strict rules governing the process in the Senate: MacDonough must find that every provision is tied to federal spending; otherwise, Democrats can try to strike specific provisions from the legislation.” See also “This Senate staffer could change the course of the health-care debate” https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/this-senate-staffer-could-change-the-course-of-the-health-care-debate/2017/05/29/16e16ef2-425d-11e7-9869-bac8b446820a_story.html

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