One thought on “Rhetoric vs Reality

  1. Harbinger? says:

    “Jeff Flake Takes On Trump — And Puts His Political Future on the Line” (NBC News) “There’s no shortage of Republican strategists and media types in Washington who have been willing to criticize President Donald Trump, but it’s something else entirely to hear a searing indictment of the president and his party from an elected official who depends on a conservative base to keep his job.
    In his new book, Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake sets aside the kind of muted complaints and pleas for civility that we’ve heard to date from GOP lawmakers, instead lambasting Trump directly as volatile and unprincipled. What’s more, Flake accuses his fellow Republicans — particularly those in leadership — of whistling past the graveyard as Trump has hollowed out the party.” Includes key passages from Sen. Flake’s book, “Conscience of a Conservative.”
    “Treade a worme on the tayle, and it must turne agayne.” (John Heywood, 1546)

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