What the F***ing F**k?

From the LA Times:

Anthony Scaramucci, announced little more than a week ago as President Trump’s White House communications director, was ousted Monday before he was even officially sworn in. John Kelly, the newly appointed chief of staff, told Scaramucci he was going to be replaced around 9:30 a.m., according to a person close to the White House.

❝ Oh come on. The only way this gets better is if they bring back Sean Spicer and promote him into Scaramucci’s position.

Har! Trump is in the white House to provide entertainment for otherwise hopeless old white guys. He ain’t bad at it. Though it doesn’t require a whole boatload of talent, either.

3 thoughts on “What the F***ing F**k?

  1. florentnatura says:

    I clicked so fast just for the title😂 I live in europe and it doesn’t pass a day without someone joking on this dude. He’s so stupid. I honestly followed the white house youtube channel only to listen to Sean dealing with the press. I kinda liked the way he answered questions without being rude or emphasizing Trump’s “magnificent” work😐 as others do.

  2. Update says:

    “Oh My God, This Jackass”: The Mooch Explains Why He Thinks Trump Is “Crazy,” “Narcissistic,” and a “Paper Tiger” Who Will Drop Out by March 2020 : A few days into his jihad against his former boss, Anthony Scaramucci discusses his view of Trump’s increasing mental problems, his racist tactics, and why he hopes an Arya Stark will rise up to kick him out of office.
    (Interview by William D. Cohan) Vanity Fair August 16, 2019 https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/08/anthony-scaramucci-interview-trump

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