❝ From quoting retired Red Sox slugger David Ortiz to playing off statements made by President Donald Trump, counter-protesters demonstrating against racist so-called free speech rally…

Click here for some of the most creative signs.

My favorite is on the left – for geeks everywhere.

3 thoughts on “CTRL – ALT RT – DELETE

  1. Meanwhile says:

    The taxonomy of trolls : Linguistic data analysis of 3 billion Reddit comments shows the alt-right is getting stronger” https://qz.com/1056319/what-is-the-alt-right-a-linguistic-data-analysis-of-3-billion-reddit-comments-shows-a-disparate-group-that-is-quickly-uniting/ “…The_Donald is a Reddit community with over 450,000 subscribers. It’s the breeding ground for the alt-right, and the fermenting vat in which this identity is being formed. According to data analysis by FiveThirtyEight, it’s US president Donald Trump’s “most rabid online following,” and Reddit itself now claims it is the fourth most visited site in the US, behind only Facebook, Google, and YouTube.
    As part of the Alt-Right Open Intelligence Initiative at the University of Amsterdam, I’ve been working to understand the language of the alt-right and what it can tell us about its members. Working with the UK Home Office’s Extremism Analysis Unit, I used Google’s BigQuery tool, which lets you trawl through massive datasets in seconds, to interrogate a collection of every Reddit comment ever made—all 3 billion of them.” (results follow)
    See also “Alt-Right Open Intelligence Initiative : Mapping the Alt-Right: The US Alternative Right across the Atlantic” https://wiki.digitalmethods.net/Dmi/AltRightOpenIntelligenceInitiative and BigQuery (try it for free) https://cloud.google.com/bigquery/

  2. Us & Them says:

    “Trump, Neo-Nazis and the Klan” By Maureen Dowd (NYT OpEd) https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/19/opinion/sunday/trump-neo-nazis-and-the-klan.html
    Also: “How to Make Fun of Nazis” https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/17/opinion/how-to-make-fun-of-nazis.html …“I would want to punch a Nazi in the nose, too,” Maria Stephan, a program director at the United States Institute of Peace, told me. “But there’s a difference between a therapeutic and strategic response.” The problem, she said, is that violence is simply bad strategy.
    ‘Donald Trump brought me here today’: Counterprotesters rout neo-Nazi rally in Berlin https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2017/08/19/donald-trump-brought-me-here-today-counterprotesters-rout-neo-nazi-rally-in-berlin/

  3. Caoimhe says:

    “Toxic masculinity the common thread in American hate : It’s difficult not to see Charlottesville as a turning point – but we don’t know to where” (Irish Times 8/18/17) https://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/una-mullaly-toxic-masculinity-the-common-thread-in-american-hate-1.3190602 “…After years of people (women in particular) warning about harassment and trolling online, about the growing violence in the language directed at women and minority groups online; about how disgruntled young men were being empowered and radicalised by pockets of anti-everything-but-them hate online; about how those who hate women mobilised around the central figure of Hillary Clinton; about how a narrative that the most privileged people in society were some how being oppressed, we see what happens when this ends up on the streets. It is no surprise that such anti-woman (not just anti-feminist) language and actions occur at a time of a new wave of feminism. It is a backlash, as seen before in similar “men’s rights” movements of the 1970s. Chauvinism and toxic masculinity are the calling cards of those who descended on Charlottesville.”

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