Tesla Ready To Test Autonomous Semi-Trucks Real Soon Now

❝ Tesla is indicating it’s serious about introducing an electric semi by seeking permission to test self-driving versions in California and Nevada…

❝ California doesn’t yet have rules in place governing the testing of autonomous heavy trucks over 10,000 pounds, while light-duty vehicles have been tested there for a few years. California DMV is working with California Highway Patrol on writing rules governing semi-trucks that need to be tested as autonomous vehicles before they’re legally allowed free access to roads.

Nevada has all vehicle types and weights covered, but Tesla hasn’t taken any formal action on it yet. The automaker will need to get a self-driving vehicle testing license in the state, but hasn’t done so yet according to a Nevada spokesperson…

❝ Since October, Tesla has been adding fully autonomous functions to all Model S and Model X units being built, and announced that the new technology would later be applied to the Model 3. The company will have to wait until government officials approve operation of fully autonomous vehicles before those automated functions can be activated.

I’m ready and waiting. At least for a new pickup. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tesla Ready To Test Autonomous Semi-Trucks Real Soon Now

  1. Roomba says:

    Scientists investigated potentially dangerous day-dreaming in human drivers, and found that it is very common, and produces distinctive brain activity https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2017-08/f-mwi083117.php In a recent study, published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, scientists investigated how frequent mind wandering is during a driving simulation, and whether they could find tell-tale changes in brain patterns for a wandering mind. When prompted at random during the simulation, the volunteers reported mind wandering 70% of the time. The scientists could also directly detect mind wandering from the volunteers’ brain activity. The researchers were able “to detect periods of mind wandering through distinctive electrophysiological brain patterns, some of which indicated that the drivers were likely less receptive to external stimuli.” Unfortunately mind wandering may be an essential part of human existence. If so all of the consequences of this biological impairment will be unavoidable, at least until the day when tasks such as driving vehicles are taken over by more responsible and diligent entities.

  2. Update says:

    DETROIT (AP) — Just days after ride-hailing service Uber announced it was testing tractor-trailers that drive themselves, Google’s autonomous vehicle operation announced similar testing in Georgia.
    Waymo says that starting next week it will run self-driving rigs in the Atlanta area with human backup drivers. They’ll travel freeways and local roads to deliver server racks and other cargo destined for Google’s data centers.
    The Alphabet Inc. unit says the trucks will have the same technology and sensors as autonomous minivans that are being tested in the Phoenix area. Waymo wouldn’t say how many trucks are being tested, but it released pictures showing two blue semis.
    Uber announced Tuesday that its freight unit was using self-driving semis with human backup drivers to haul consumer goods on freeways in Arizona. https://wtop.com/tech/2018/03/googles-autonomous-vehicle-unit-to-test-semis-in-atlanta/
    Image https://images.roadtrafficsigns.com/img/lg/X/oncoming-traffic-sign-x-w4-4bp.png

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