Cummins Beats Tesla to Public Launch of Prototype Electric Semi-Truck

❝ Engine maker Cummins has introduced an all-electric heavy duty truck ahead of Tesla.

The 18,000-pound rig with maximum payload of 44,000 pounds was shown…at Cummins’ tech center in Columbus, Ohio. A concept vehicle at this point, the truck was built by Roush with Cummins’ electric drive and is targeted at companies needing local deliveries.

❝ Cummins says its truck, named AEOS after a four-winged horse-driven chariot from Greek mythology, will go 100 miles per charge. It will need an hour to recharge. That will be reduced to 20 minutes by 2020.

Tesla, which will launch its new from the ground up semi next month, has been reported to be preparing it to go 200-300 mile per charge.

❝ Other automakers, including Ford, are said to be conducting research on entering this new regional route electric truck market segment centered around a home charging base.

In June, Cummins announced it will be making electric drivetrains for buses by 2019. For now, that will be a priority over the electric truck.

Whichever way the competition swings, truckers will be the winners…when we’re back to sensible government and a renewed commitment to environmental health. Our whole population, the world will be better off for this kind of competition.

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