While the South is drowning, the West is burning

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As of last week, 77 large fires are burning across 1.4 million acres in eight western U.S. states. That’s an area more than three times the size of Houston.

The burning is part of a long-term trend of increasing wildfire in the West, brought on by a variety of factors, none more significant, according to recent research, than human-caused climate change.

RTFA. If your Congress-critter is still in denial about climate change, kick their sorry butt out of office. You can work to put someone useful into office and the dullard can try to find an honest job.

One thought on “While the South is drowning, the West is burning

  1. McLeod says:

    “The West Is on Fire. Get Used to It.” https://www.citylab.com/environment/2017/09/the-west-is-on-fire-get-used-to-it/539352/ A fire ecologist explains why this summer’s wildfires are so dramatic, and why the West will have to learn to live with a more severe burning season.
    See also “Mapping America’s Unprecedented Vulnerability to Wildfires” https://www.citylab.com/equity/2015/09/mapping-americas-unprecedented-vulnerability-to-wildfires/407680/ A new map by the forest service shows us where the Wildland/Urban Interface lies. The agency charts the extent of the WUI in the contiguous U.S. every decade, using Census housing data and the National Land Cover Dataset (that’s why this year’s map is for 2010 – imagine how much building has taken place in the WUI during the last 7 years)

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