One thought on “The Man Who Saved The World

  1. CRM 114 says:

    Stanislav Petrov, the retired officer of the Soviet Air Defense Forces whose death at the age of 77 was announced this week, did not enjoy discussing the day he averted a nuclear holocaust and feared history repeating itself (TIME 9/19/17) “…The lesson he most wanted to get across in our conversation was not about the destructive power of nuclear weapons. It was the inevitability of human error and miscalculation in handling them, especially at a time when politicians begin to threaten war rather than talk about peace. “That’s when things can go terribly wrong,” he said. “One way or another, you still need a person to order a launch of one of these weapons, and a person can always make a mistake.” Thankfully, Petrov did not.”
    See also: interactive “Every Weapon in the US Nuclear Arsenal” (Union of Concerned Scientists) and Nuclear Arsenals of the World (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

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