Roy Moore Represents the End of the Republican Party

❝ For the GOP, especially its Trumpist wing, the moment is piled high with irony. The primary victory of Roy Moore in Alabama over the candidate for the U.S. Senate seat backed by President Trump suggests that that not even Trump himself can control the forces that he unleashed.

❝ Moore’s win is an acid flashback to 2010, when GOP voters in Senate primaries nominated Christine “I am not a witch” O’Donnell in Delaware and the unelectable Sharron Angle in Nevada, who announced a 2018 campaign in March. Republicans had hoped that they had exorcised those characters after that debacle. But years of stoking a sense of perpetual outrage has created a new political dynamic that has given us Roy Moore, a perfect stew of extremism, ignorance and intolerance…

❝ Do not confuse this with any sort of coherent ideology. Representative Thomas Massie, a Republican for Kentucky, tried to diagnose the mindset of the Tea Party voters when he told the Washington Examiner, “I thought they were voting for libertarian Republicans.” Massie continued, “But after some soul-searching, I realized when they voted for Rand and Ron [Paul] and me in these primaries, they weren’t voting for libertarian ideas. They were voting for the craziest son of a bitch in the race. And Donald Trump won best in class.”…

❝ While Trump continues to gratuitously stoke culture wars by attacking the NFL, the GOP’s invertebrate dysfunction continues to be on full display…So far, no prominent Republican officeholder has refused to back Moore’s candidacy or been willing to point out its toxicity for the future of the GOP.

…Republicans seem to have given up on talking to voters outside of their own echo chamber. Instead, the party is locked in an endless feedback loop as it tries with diminishing success to placate its most bombastic voices. The most obvious consequence is their inability (so far) to legislate. But in the longer term, we are seeing the crack-up of one of the nation’s two major political parties.

Today, Donald Trump is the face of what the GOP has become. Roy Moore is the face of what it is becoming.

Sisters and brothers, say “Amen”.

7 thoughts on “Roy Moore Represents the End of the Republican Party

  1. Steve Ruis says:

    I keep insisting that voters of all stripes are voting against the status quo, mostly the economic status quo. Democrats and Republicans alike have hammered the middle class for decades and voters are voting for anyone who doesn’t look like a normal politician, including Barack Obama.

  2. Elmer G. says:

    (November 10 at 7:38 AM) “As Roy Moore declines to step aside, a tale of two Republican parties emerges”
    (November 9 at 6:29 PM) “‘Take the Bible…’: And thus began the worst defense of Roy Moore” See also “Alabama state official defends Roy Moore, citing Joseph and Mary: ‘They became parents of Jesus’ In an email on Thursday Moore told his supporters: “The forces of evil are on the march in our country. We are in the midst of a spiritual battle with those who want to silence our message.”

  3. Southern man says:

    Fox News poll: Jones leads Moore by 10 points (12/11/17 10:17 AM EST)
    RNC donors are reportedly furious: Donors have expressed anger to RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel over the committee’s decision to reinstate its fundraising support for embattled Alabama GOP Senate nominee Roy Moore, according to Politico.
    Also “RNC National Committeewoman Joyce Simmons (NE) quits 168-member GOP governing body over RNC support for Moore.” Her announcement:

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