Scientists from Australia, US and NZ find signs of unknown life in Antarctic ice caves

❝ Lifeforms could exist in warm caves hollowed out of ice by volcanoes in Antarctica.

While that may sound akin to a science-fiction movie plot, scientists say they found plant, animal and unknown DNA in caves on the frozen continent.

Ceridwen Fraser…is the lead researcher of a team which has investigated caverns at Ross Island….She said forensic analyses of soil samples had revealed traces of DNA from algae, mosses and small animals found elsewhere in Antarctica. But some of the DNA sequences could not be fully identified.

❝ While the surface temperature is about —45C, some caves can reach a comparatively balmy 25C…“You could comfortably wear a T-shirt in there,” Dr Fraser said…

Scientists say the next step is to take a closer look at the caves and search for living organisms.

Keep an eye on this one. We may have to revive the ghost of James Arness.