Australians Stay Alive Another Day Without God-Given Right to Shoot Down Their Friends and Neighbors

Boring isn’t it?

❝ Due to the nation’s controversial and oppressive gun restrictions, no one has died as a result of a mass-shooting on Australian soil today, for the 7827th day in a row.

❝ North Betoota cinema attendant, Christina Upton can’t believe it has been a whole 21 years and 57 days since a heavily armed white Australian male decided to shoot at a crowd of unsuspecting Australian civilians for no reason.

She says the peaceful two decades that have followed are “probably” because the Australian government decided to strip her of a God-given right to own projectile weaponry capable of shooting down helicopters…

❝ Ms Upton, who claims to be able to walk freely outside of her home without fear of being killed by a mass shooter, believes that God-given rights probably play a bigger role in America’s mass shootings than Americans think.

“I don’t think America should be so hard on itself about the mental state of thousands of lonely white losers. We have those people too,”

“…Just in our country those people don’t have access to Russian-made automatic assault rifles that have been invented purely to help military personnel win wars.”…

❝ Local Betoota cop, Uncle Rick Ridgeway, says that this is because idiots have a harder time getting their hands on machine guns than criminals.

“I think America needs to realise that it’s not really the criminals you need to worry about as such. I’d be more concerned about the weirdos,”

“Criminals use guns to help their efforts in making money through crime – they have much less interest in killing you for the sake of it…”

I’ll second that emotion.

Thanks, Honeyman

6 thoughts on “Australians Stay Alive Another Day Without God-Given Right to Shoot Down Their Friends and Neighbors

  1. Ricochet says:

    “Why We’ve Been Thinking About Madness All Wrong: A Conversation With David Dobbs”
    “…it’s not coincidental that some of the sickest and most paranoid and angry people who go mad in the U.S. resort to violence—with guns in particular. It’s an expression of madness that does not happen in places that are less gun-oriented and less violent overall. The idea was that culture shapes the expression of madness in that way.”

  2. "cold, dead hands" says:

    “What if Western media covered Las Vegas the same way it covers foreign nations?”
    (BBC) Las Vegas shooting: Rate of fire – inside America’s arsenal “The Las Vegas gunman fired hundreds of rounds, including at one point 90 bullets in 10 seconds. Such bursts of gunfire will have shocked many, especially outside the US, but everyday Americans own these powerful weapons too. Here’s a guide to the firearms legally available in most US states, and the rate at which they fire bullets.”
    “Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock’s Weapons Included the NRA’s ‘Gun of the Year’”

  3. Farewell2Arms says:

    “Firearms and Ammunition Industry Economic Impact Report 2017” “This NSSF [National Shooting Sports Foundation, a firearms industry trade association] report details the significant economic impact the firearms and ammunition industry has on the nation’s and each state’s economy.
    The economic growth America’s firearms and ammunition industry has experienced over the years has been nothing short of remarkable. Over the past couple of years, the industry’s growth has been driven by an unprecedented number of Americans choosing to exercise their fundamental right to keep and bear arms and purchase a firearm and ammunition.”
    Meanwhile: “Samuel L. Jackson mocks Trump’s proposal to arm teachers” “Can someone that’s been in a Gunfight tell that Muthafukka that’s Never been in a Gunfight, the flaws of his Arm The Teachers plan??!!”

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