Every “New” GOP Health Proposal Would Mean Less Money for States

Graham-Cassidy Bill would have stolen $205 billion from states over 6 years

❝ U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, was joined by other GOP senators as he talked to reporters this week. The bill authored by Graham and Louisiana Republican Bill Cassidy would have shifted health policy decisions to the states while sending them much less federal money…

❝ “Under our approach, the money and power in Washington is given to state officials who will be accountable at the ballot box and therefore more accessible than any Washington bureaucrat,” Republican U.S. Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana said after their Graham-Cassidy bill died this week.

But authority is less enticing when it’s accompanied by the cuts in federal dollars that the proposals have entailed, said Mari Cantwell, chief deputy director of the California Department of Health Care Services and director of the state’s Medicaid agency. Under Graham-Cassidy, California would have lost $74 billion between 2020 and 2026.

Nationally the cuts would have reduced federal health funding to the states by $205 billion in that period of time, according to an analysis by Avalere Health, a health policy research company…

❝ Graham and Cassidy pledged to try again, saying that replacing the Affordable Care Act, often known as Obamacare, is inevitable. “It’s only a question of when…”

Teresa Miller, acting secretary of Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services, said that statements like that from Republican leaders are the opposite of reassuring. “The problem we need to address is stabilizing the insurance market and the longer this discussion about repealing and replacing goes on, the longer it’s going to take to stabilize.”

This is just the latest attempt at Republicans dragging their feet in response to the growth of public support for universal healthcare through the Obama years. Rationales duel with outright lies for supremacy in Republican agitprop. No matter. Lies always become clear to a voting public that may be slow to respond – but, you can’t hide this crap forever.

RTFA for as many details as you can stand.

3 thoughts on “Every “New” GOP Health Proposal Would Mean Less Money for States

  1. Day 259 says:

    “Trump says he called Schumer to broker deal with Democrats for ‘a great HealthCare Bill'”(Washington Post October 7 at 10:30 AM) https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2017/10/07/trump-says-he-called-schumer-to-broker-deal-with-democrats-for-a-great-healthcare-bill/
    “Schumer: I told Trump that ObamaCare repeal was ‘off the table'” (The Hill 10/07/17 10:04 AM EDT) http://thehill.com/homenews/senate/354363-schumer-i-told-trump-obamacare-repeal-was-off-the-table

  2. Geezer says:

    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump 4:30 AM – Oct 10, 2017: “Since Congress can’t get its act together on HealthCare, I will be using the power of the pen to give great HealthCare to many people – FAST”
    Trump’s most aggressive effort yet to unilaterally dismantle Obamacare after already taking numerous steps that are expected to undermine the law’s insurance marketplaces, which re-open for enrollment on Nov. 1.
    Mr President? Donald Trump nearly forgets to sign bill https://news.google.com/news/video/KX4EnNQlQpc/dh-gmWQcYcE7WZMy4DFGuAd81cdUM?hl=en&ned=us

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