Americans save $4.50 for every $1 invested in ENERGY STAR products – Trump’s Congress wants to kill it

Trump’s idea of family transportation

❝ The U.S. House of Representatives passing an appropriations package that includes an approximately 40 percent cut to the ENERGY STAR program:

“Let’s be clear: This would be a debilitating cut to one of the most popular federal programs in history. ENERGY STAR has been such a money-saver for consumers and businesses because the products deliver enormous energy savings, and we can trust the label. Now Congress is threatening the integrity of the program.”…

❝ ENERGY STAR was created in 1992 under President George H. W. Bush’s administration and has maintained strong bipartisan support for more than 25 years. More than 16,000 companies and other organizations participate. The program delivered $34 billion in savings to American households and businesses in 2015 alone. Almost half of all American households knowingly purchased an ENERGY STAR product from 2014-2015.

RTFA for more details if you haven’t learned about ENERGY STAR from personal experience.

I’m pleased as any retiree could be with the number of long-lasting, smartly-engineered products I’ve bought over the years since the program started. I can’t afford to subsidize shoddy products rolled out to the American consumer based solely on profit margins. I love the idea of efficient engineering as a requirement for sale in this nation.

One thought on “Americans save $4.50 for every $1 invested in ENERGY STAR products – Trump’s Congress wants to kill it

  1. Steve Ruis says:

    This is a common negotiating ploy. One side threatens to take away something valued by the other. The other side makes a concession to keep what they already had. It costs almost nothing to threaten, so this ploy has a good ROI, so is standard ploy in such negotiations. The Trump administration is threatening to cut myriad important and viable programs and so has build up a “war chest” of demands that can be traded off for things they want … at no cost to them!

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