The 12 Zeros

❝ To better understand the politics and culture of an unfamiliar country, track the promises its politicians make. We learned this week that rising Japanese political star Yuriko Koike will not represent her party in elections on October 22, but her newly minted “Party of Hope” wants to win as many as possible of the 465 seats in Japan’s lower house of parliament. What is the party offering? Here are the “12 zeros.”

❝ 1. Zero nuclear power (Fukushima lives)
2. Zero corporate coverups (a problem in nearly every country)
3. Zero corporate political donations (many Americans are nodding)
4. Zero children waiting for places in day care (sounds progressive)
5. Zero “passive smoking” (is that “second-hand smoke” or some hipster thing we don’t know about?)
6. Zero packed commuter trains (yes, we’ve seen those photos)
7. Zero putting down of unwanted pets (a humane society)
8. Zero food loss (social justice meets efficiency)
9. Zero violation of labor laws (standing up for the salary-man… and woman)
10. Zero hay fever (wait…what?)
11. Zero disabled and elderly people unable to access transportation (Amen)
12. Zero power poles (an aesthetic thing or environmentalism?)

Keep in mind that Koike is Tokyo governor.

From the semi-weekly newsletter, SIGNAL, from the EurAsia Group. Yes, they can get too cute for their own good. Something I’ve responded to directly.

The most egregious point being #12 which is meaningful and useful. Unless you live somewhere where storms are only a bit windy and never contain much rain or snow. Buried cables have worked fine for decades and save lots of money and even more down time. As long as they are installed up to spec.

Puerto Rico would probably have all their power, etc., restored by now if they had buried cables.

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