Nurse arrested for protecting her patient gets $500,000 settlement from University and Salt Lake City

❝ A Utah nurse who was forcibly arrested when she refused to let an officer draw blood from an unconscious patient has reached a settlement worth half a million dollars…

The city and the university will split the cost of the settlement evenly, said city spokesman Matthew Rojas.

❝ In the police body cam footage of the July 26 incident, Detective Jeff Payne handcuffed Alex Wubbels and placed her in a police car when she refused to allow officers to obtain a blood sample from a crash victim at the hospital without a warrant. Wubbels screamed for him to stop as he forced her out of the door and dragged her to a police car.

Later, she was released without being charged…

The footage of the officer handcuffing and dragging the nurse spread online, renewing the national debate over excessive use of force by police.

The officer was fired and his watch commander,Lt. James Tracey, demoted for violating policies.

❝ Hospital policy specifies that to obtain a blood sample, police need a judge’s order or the patient’s consent, or the patient needs to be under arrest. The unconscious patient was not a suspect in the wreck that killed another driver.

The unconscious patient, later identified as Bill Gray, died September 25. RTFA.

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