Save endangered species — over our dead bodies

Entrance to White Eagle Memorial PreserveJodie Buller

The secret to the survival of critically endangered wildlife could lie beyond the grave, according to a University of Queensland researcher.

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions’ Dr Matthew Holden suggests revenue from human burials could fund nature reserves and parks for threatened species, effectively amounting to dead humans protecting living creatures…

“The nature reserve could be placed in an area that specifically maximises benefits for endangered wildlife, or also in cities to increase the societal benefits of natural urban greenspace.”…

They could generate revenue that exceeds the amount of money needed to save every threatened species on the planet,” Dr Holden said.

“In the US alone, 2.7 million people die each year, with an estimated funeral revenue of US$19 billion – far more than the estimated $3-$5 billion required to protect every threatened species listed by the international Union for the Conservation of Nature.

It would be nice to know your death did some good for species endangered by your own species. Think about that.

One thought on “Save endangered species — over our dead bodies

  1. Aldo says:

    Rep. Rob Bishop, a Republican from Utah, recently shepherded five bills out of the Natural Resources Committee he chairs that would dismantle the Endangered Species Act piece by piece. Democrats and conservationists say the bills would whittle away the law’s ability to save wildlife from extinction. ttps://
    Endangered species by state:
    Critical Habitat for Threatened & Endangered Species [USFWS]:

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