Adjusting the Clock at Avebury Stone Circle

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❝ National Trust Rangers…very carefully moving one of the famous standing stones at the ancient Avebury World Heritage Site.

“Obviously Stone Age man didn’t have daylight saving, so twice a year we have to move one of the stones.” said Hilary Makins, National Trust Head Ranger.

❝ “Avebury is an astonishing monument to the Neolithic people’s ingenuity. We want to make sure the stones are as accurate as they were back when they were put up. Each one weighs several tonnes. It’s a huge effort, but it’s worth it.”

Honestly, I thought this was THE ONION posting this. It still may turn out to be a more-than-fey faction inside the National Trust. Either way, it is funny.

One thought on “Adjusting the Clock at Avebury Stone Circle

  1. Bollocks says:

    Considering the effects the weight of a boulder of that size would have on the tires of the sort of single axle trailer it’s in and/or the turf it’s presumably been driven over, one might suspect the ‘standing stone’ that’s pictured is made of some lightweight material like papier-mâché or fiberglass.
    See April Fool’s Day 2016 (“Moving the Avebury Stones for British Summer Time”)
    Also Alexander Keiller

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