Trump kisses backwards donors’ butts — tries to stop birth control

Few people were surprised…when the Trump administration issued a rule to make it easier for some religious employers to opt out of offering no-cost prescription birth control to their female employees under the Affordable Care Act.

But a separate regulation issued at the same time raised eyebrows. It creates a new exemption from the requirement that most employers offer contraceptive coverage. This one is for “non-religious organizations with sincerely held moral convictions inconsistent with providing coverage for some or all contraceptive services.”

So what’s the difference between religious beliefs and moral convictions?

The difference is that Trump and the GOP have a couple of serious donor organizations opposing a number of women’s rights accepted for decades – but, they haven’t managed to fill in the blanks for religious exemptions our cowardly government allows.

This is the substitute.

Ain’t likely to make it past the smell test in court. Just waste more time and money. But, this will assure rightwing moneyboys that Uncle Sugar’s favorite populist pimp is doing what he’s paid to do – outside the government payroll, that is.

One thought on “Trump kisses backwards donors’ butts — tries to stop birth control

  1. Update says:

    A US federal judge has blocked new Trump administration regulations on birth control from applying across the entire country. (BBC News 1/14/19) The rules were to come into effect nationwide from Monday and allow employers and insurers to decline to provide birth control if doing so violates their “religious beliefs” or “moral convictions”.

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