3 thoughts on “The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

  1. Clausewitz says:

    “Winner of DARPA Robot Competition Partners with Weapons Company, AI Researchers Call For Boycott” https://gizmodo.com/winner-of-darpa-robot-competition-partners-with-defense-1825006939
    ‘Killer robots’: AI experts call for boycott over lab at South Korea university : Academics around the world voice ‘huge concern’ over KAIST’s collaboration with defence company on autonomous weapons” https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/apr/05/killer-robots-south-korea-university-boycott-artifical-intelligence-hanwha
    “Google Staffers Demand End to Work on Pentagon AI project” https://www.pcmag.com/news/360239/google-staffers-demand-end-to-work-on-pentagon-ai-project
    Project Maven to Deploy Computer Algorithms to War Zone by Year’s End https://www.defense.gov/News/Article/Article/1254719/project-maven-to-deploy-computer-algorithms-to-war-zone-by-years-end/

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