A view of the cloud surface of Jupiter

Every 53 days NASA’s Juno probe completes a close flyby of Jupiter. On Tuesday October 24, Juno successfully completed its eighth science flyby out of a planned twelve before the scheduled mission end in July next year. After NASA uploaded the new data to its JunoCam website, citizen scientists have been optimizing the images to create some of the most mind-blowing and spectacular pictures of the giant planet seen to date.

Click on the photo and wander through the gallery. Stunning.

Red vs Blue States – Recovery?

Red vs Blue states in jobs recovery. Even when we have a barely progressive herd in Congress, the nation gets to deal with states often controlled by incompetents and other flavors of reactionary. We have a long hard struggle ahead to get this nation back on anything approaching an even keel. Including equal opportunities.

Here’s a link to the article sourcing these graphs.

Thanks, Barry Ritholtz.