5 thoughts on ““We don’t need no stinking infrastructure!”

  1. Casey says:

    The Amtrak passenger train didn’t have a safety technology called the positive train control activated at the time it derailed in Washington state, said Richard Anderson, the rail service’s president and co-CEO. http://www.cnn.com/2017/12/19/us/positive-train-control-amtrak/index.html Positive train control, or PTC, can automatically slow down and stop a train if it senses the locomotive is going too fast or could get into an accident. The Federal Railroad Administration has called the system the “single-most important rail safety development in more than a century.” Monday’s train derailment killed at least three people and injured more than 100 others on a new route between Seattle and Portland, Oregon. The train was traveling 80 mph in a 30-mph zone, a National Transportation Safety Board member said. The crash again raises the question that has surfaced after other fatal rail disasters: Why isn’t PTC used throughout all US rails? For decades now, railroad safety experts have pushed for it, and Congress passed a law mandating it in 2008. But here’s why that hasn’t happened yet.

    • Update says:

      “The tunnel is more than 100 years old and suffered saltwater damage from Superstorm Sandy in 2012 that is eating away at sidewalls that house copper cables and electrical wires. Amtrak, which owns the tunnels, has estimated one or both of the tunnel tubes could fail in the next 10 to 15 years. A 2014 report by the Federal Railroad Administration estimated that the loss of rail service on the corridor for one day could cost nearly $100 million in impacts and productivity losses.
      New York and New Jersey have committed to pay for half of the $13 billion it will cost to build a new tunnel but Trump administration officials have rejected the 50-50 agreement the states made with the Obama administration that would have the federal government pay for the other half, calling it “non-existent.” http://www.startribune.com/new-york-governor-tours-aging-rail-tunnel-in-funding-push/497901521/

  2. Chump says:

    Other than shouting about building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, one of Pres. Donald Trump’s most frequently proclaimed promises on the 2016 campaign trail was the launching of a half-trillion-dollar plan to repair America’s crumbling infrastructure, employing large numbers of workers in the process.
    Eighteen months into his administration, no credible proposal for anything near that scale has been made. To the extent that the Trump administration has a plan at all for public investment, it involves pumping up Pentagon spending, not investing in roads, bridges, transportation, better Internet access or other pressing needs of the civilian economy.
    …the Pentagon is slated to receive more than $6 trillion over the next decade. This year alone increases will bring total spending on the Pentagon and related agencies to $716 billion. That $6-trillion, 10-year figure represents more than 30 times as much direct spending as the president’s $200 billion infrastructure plan.
    In reality, Pentagon spending is the Trump administration’s substitute for a true infrastructure program and it’s guaranteed to deliver public investments, but neglect just about every area of greatest civilian need from roads to water treatment facilities. http://warisboring.com/pump-up-the-pentagon/

  3. Fair cop says:

    Chinese billionaire Jack Ma says the US wasted trillions on warfare instead of investing in infrastructure (Jan 2017) https://www.cnbc.com/2017/01/18/chinese-billionaire-jack-ma-says-the-us-wasted-trillions-on-warfare-instead-of-investing-in-infrastructure.html
    In an interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland Ma was asked about the U.S. economy in relation to China, since President-elect Donald Trump has been talking about imposing new tariffs on Chinese imports.
    Ma says blaming China for any economic issues in the U.S. is misguided. If America is looking to blame anyone, Ma said, it should blame itself. “It’s not that other countries steal jobs from you guys,” Ma said. “It’s your strategy. Distribute the money and things in a proper way.”
    …The American multinational companies made millions and millions of dollars from globalization,” Ma said. “The past 30 years, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, they’ve made tens of millions — the profits they’ve made are much more than the four Chinese banks put together. … But where did the money go? ”

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