Aaaargh! The Polar vortex is coming, the polar vortex is coming!

Well, it’s coming to where I was born, where I lived [off and on] for decades. Not anymore, man [cue Frank Zappa]

❝ Unforgiving cold has punished the eastern United States for the past 10 days. But the most severe winter weather yet will assault the area Wednesday night into the weekend.

First, a monster ocean storm is taking shape, which pasted parts of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina with rare ice and snow early Wednesday. By Thursday, the exploding storm will, in many ways, resemble a winter hurricane, battering easternmost New England with potentially damaging winds in addition to blinding snow. Blizzard warnings have been issued for the Virginia Tidewater region up the coast to eastern Maine, including Ocean City, Atlantic City, eastern Long Island, Boston and Portland…

❝ Specific amounts up and down the coast will depend on the exact storm track. If the storm tracks closer to the coast, snow amounts and peak wind gusts will be higher and extend farther west. But if the storm wobbles east, snow amounts as well as peak winds will decrease.

Not much of the Northeast has buried power cables. Expect outages for a spell.

Pretty much anyplace I owned or rented in New England only appealed to me if it had a fireplace. I had sufficient camping gear – including propane-fired lights, etc. – to get me through several days. I could always stay warm and comfy in front of the fireplace.

11 thoughts on “Aaaargh! The Polar vortex is coming, the polar vortex is coming!

  1. New Norm says:

    See the ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Hit US East Coast in These NASA and NOAA GIFs
    Why the Bomb Cyclone Hitting the East Coast Is So Unusual “…according to some climate scientists, this pattern is likely to repeat itself even more in the future. Rutgers climatologist Jennifer Francis is one of a growing number of researchers who believe that the warming Arctic will leave less of a temperature difference between the equators and poles, weakening the jet stream. A weaker jet stream would allow cold air to push down, or warm air to wander north, more frequently, setting up more opportunities for a violent atmospheric showdown. “We expect these patterns to become more frequent, but they may align differently in different years, says Francis.”

    • Karma says:

      Forget the ‘Polar Vortex.’ Here comes the ‘Death Ridge’ and record heat for the Southeast [USA Today, May 23, 2019]

  2. Cassandra says:

    “Freakishly warm air has again surged over the North Pole, and sea ice is breaking up north of Greenland — in winter. Meanwhile, frigid polar air has spilled south into Eurasia and western North America. Is there a connection to human-caused warming?” (February 26, 2018) Anomaly (2/24~26/18)
    OSLO (Reuters) – A freak warming around the North Pole is sending a blast of Arctic cold over Europe in a sign of “wacky” weather that may happen more often with man-made global warming, scientists said on Monday. “It’s never been this extreme,” said Ruth Mottram, a climate scientist at the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI). Warmth was coming into the Arctic both up from the Atlantic and through the Bering Strait, driving and cold air south.

  3. Bombogenesis says:

    “A nor’easter hammered the East Coast on Friday with a ferocious mix of howling winds, drenching rain, some snow and surging waves as it carried the threat of morphing into a “bomb cyclone.” “Take this storm seriously!” the National Weather Service in Boston warned via Twitter. “This is a LIFE & DEATH situation for those living along the coast, especially those ocean-exposed shorelines.” Like the nor’easter in January, this storm could undergo bombogenesis — or become a “bomb cyclone” — by dropping at least 24 millibars of atmospheric pressure in 24 hours.” (CNN 3/2/18)

  4. Elders of Zion® says:

    A D.C. lawmaker responded to a brief snowfall Friday by publishing a video in which he espoused a conspiracy theory that Jewish financiers control the weather. “Some conspiracy theorists also think the Rothschilds, acting in conjunction with the Rockefeller family, have technology to manipulate the weather — for example, by causing freak storms that wreak havoc on people, farms and livestock. In a video posted to YouTube this year titled “Kill Cities — Designed by Rothschild and Rockefeller: Resilient Cities Are Human Death Zones,” Internet commentator Deborah Tavares — a Northern California resident who argues, among other things, that climate change and wireless electricity meters are tools in a plot of global domination — calls the Resilient Cities program a “diabolical” effort to manipulate people.

    • eideard says:

      Folks surprised at the ignorance and bigotry of Americans who elected our Fake President need only look at creeps like this – elected to federal office while espousing pure stupidity, ignorance taken to an astounding level – to comprehend the barbarians gathered around the primitive campfires of fear and hatred.

  5. Déjà vu says:

    (CNN 4:47 PM ET, Tue March 20, 2018) Spring has arrived, but the Northeast can’t seem to shake off winter. The fourth nor’easter in three weeks will hit the region Wednesday, bringing heavy snow and winds. If the current forecast pans out, this nor’easter will dump more snow on Washington, Philadelphia and New York than the three earlier storms combined.
    More than 70 million people are under a winter storm watch, warning or advisory from the southern Appalachians to Boston.

  6. Cassandra says:

    A warming Arctic produces weather extremes in our latitudes
    Atmospheric researchers at the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) have now developed a climate model that can accurately depict the frequently observed winding course of the jet stream, a major air current over the Northern Hemisphere. The breakthrough came when the scientists combined their global climate model with a new machine learning algorithm on ozone chemistry. Using their new combo-model, they can now show that the jet stream’s wavelike course in winter and subsequent extreme weather conditions cold air outbreaks in Central Europe and North America are the direct result of climate change. Their findings were released in the Nature online portal Scientific Reports on 28 May 2019.
    “The role of stratospheric ozone for Arctic-midlatitude linkages”, Scientific Reports, DOI: “Arctic warming was more pronounced than warming in midlatitudes in the last decades making this region a hotspot of climate change. Associated with this, a rapid decline of sea-ice extent and a decrease of its thickness has been observed. Sea-ice retreat allows for an increased transport of heat and momentum from the ocean up to the tropo- and stratosphere by enhanced upward propagation of planetary-scale atmospheric waves. In the upper atmosphere, these waves deposit the momentum transported, disturbing the stratospheric polar vortex, which can lead to a breakdown of this circulation with the potential to also significantly impact the troposphere in mid- to late-winter and early spring.

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