Trump, GOP corporate pimps, will not erase Net Neutrality

Liars in Trump Swamp can’t even convince rank-and-file Republicans

❝ On December 14, the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal net neutrality regulations put in place under the Obama administration. These regulations categorized broadband as a utility and forced internet service providers to treat all data on the internet equally.

❝ The day before the vote, New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman released details of an analysis of the FCC’s public comment process that concluded that more than two million comments were made using stolen identities. The FCC refused Schneiderman’s request that the vote be delayed to allow for further investigation, and now, he’s suing to prevent what he calls the “illegal rollback of net neutrality.”

Futurism got an exclusive interview with the attorney general in which he details why net neutrality matters, why the FCC’s repeal was illegal, and what he plans to do to stop the repeal from moving forward.

There are many reasons why netizens are confident of defeating the corporate attack on an open democratic internet. They start with users getting off their collective rusty dusties and fighting to defeat the forces who believe they can buy and sell anything and everything.

6 thoughts on “Trump, GOP corporate pimps, will not erase Net Neutrality

  1. No-neck chump says:

    “FCC releases final net neutrality repeal order, three weeks after vote : With repeal officially published, FCC will soon face lawsuits.” (1/4/2018) “In this document, the American public can see for themselves the damage done by this agency to Internet openness,” FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, a Democrat who voted against the repeal, said today. “Going forward, our broadband providers will have the power to block websites, throttle services, and censor online content. This is not right.” The decision “deserves to be revisited, reexamined, and ultimately reversed,” she said.
    Dissenting statement of Mignon Clyburn, the commission’s other Democrat, is available at

    • Just in says:

      “The effort to block the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality just hit an important milestone”
      “A 30th senator — Claire McCaskill of Missouri — has signed on to sponsor a resolution that would nullify the Federal Communications Commission’s vote to repeal its net-neutrality rules. That’s significant because 30 senators are needed to force a floor vote on the resolution. The resolution doesn’t have any Republican sponsors, making passage doubtful — but a floor vote could force Republican senators to publicly voice support for the FCC’s unpopular move.”
      Meanwhile, a separate effort to overturn the FCC’s net-neutrality repeal has been gaining momentum and FCC chairman Ajit Pai pulled out of a planned appearance at this week’s CES tech industry convention after reportedly receiving death threats. That raised eyebrows, as the current or incoming FCC chair has spoken every year since 2009, and Pai would have most likely been put on the spot about the net-neutrality repeal.

  2. N00b says:

    “More Than 750 American Communities Have Built Their Own Internet Networks
    A new map shows that more communities than ever are building their own broadband networks to end big telecom’s monopoly.”
    “AT&T’s Push For A Fake Net Neutrality Law Begins In Earnest : AT&T wants an “internet bill of rights” that will enshrine a world without net neutrality.”

  3. Dafuq says:

    “FCC chairman gets NRA award for repealing net neutrality : The NRA bestows its “Charlton Heston Courage Under Fire Award” on Ajit Pai for withstanding criticism over his push to end net neutrality regulations.” (The award is a handmade Kentucky long rifle that will stay in the NRA’s museum in Fairfax, Virginia) On Thursday, the FCC published the final notice of the repeal in the Federal Register, which starts a 60-day clock until the rules are removed. The effective date for the repeal is April 23. The FCC voted to repeal the rules on Dec. 14. That same day, a coalition of 23 state attorneys general refiled a lawsuit challenging the FCC’s rollback of Obama-era net neutrality regulations.
    CNN Feb 16: “FCC head probed over policies benefiting conservative broadcaster” ” Under the leadership of Ajit Pai, a Republican appointed to run the agency by President Trump, the FCC has repeatedly pushed for policy changes to make it easier for broadcasters to amass greater ownership of media properties. Shortly after one rule change early in Pai’s tenure, Sinclair Broadcast Group announced plans to acquire Tribune Media for $3.9 billion. The deal, which would not have been possible without the change, would push the total number of TV stations Sinclair owns to more than 200 nationwide.”

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