Any Conservative with a heart – probably keeps it in the freezer next to old slices of fruitcake

Actually, over the years I’ve known a few conservatives with big hearts and a small “c”. Some were even Republicans in a different day, a different country. They certainly wouldn’t be Republicans, today.


12 thoughts on “Any Conservative with a heart – probably keeps it in the freezer next to old slices of fruitcake

  1. Stable Genius® says:

    “Great to see how hard Republicans are fighting for our Military and Safety at the Border. The Dems just want illegal immigrants to pour into our nation unchecked. If stalemate continues, Republicans should go to 51% (Nuclear Option) and vote on real, long term budget, no C.R.’s!” Donald J. Trump‏ @realDonaldTrump 4:35 AM – 21 Jan 2018
    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Sunday expressed opposition to using the “nuclear option” to allow the Senate to pass a long-term budget with 51 votes. “The Republican Conference opposes changing the rules on legislation,” a spokesman for McConnell said.

  2. Abschiebung says:

    Trump takes ‘shackles’ off ICE “…Former acting ICE director John Sandweg, who helped draft the 2014 memo that prioritized arrests based on the severity of immigrants’ criminal offenses, said the agency has resources to deport only about 200,000 cases a year from the interior of the United States.
    “The problem is, when you remove all priorities, it’s like a fisherman who could just get his quota anywhere,” Sandweg said. “It diminishes the incentives on the agents to go get the bad criminals. Now their job is to fill the beds.” …“It’s true that all these people are deportable, but that doesn’t mean they should all have equal value,” said Cecilia Muñoz, a former policy adviser to Obama who helped shape the administration’s tiered enforcement approach.
    “By crowding the courts with all kinds of people, you’re creating a resource problem,” Muñoz said. “If you apply that logic to local police forces, you’re saying that every robber and rapist is the same as a jaywalker. And then you’re clogging your courts with jaywalkers.”

  3. Clocks striking 13 says:

    “No immigration bill as feds ink contract to monitor license plates” “…ICE has contracted with Vigilant Solutions, a company that helps law enforcement agencies track license plates on cars in real time. Russell Brandom, who reported the story for The Verge, says police departments mount cameras on their cars or in fixed locations to read license plates. Those numbers are then cross-checked with databases to see if a car has been stolen or if the owner has an active warrant or expired license. Brandom says municipalities have different agreements with Vigilant. But many have agreed to let the company service the cameras at a discount or for free in exchange for feeding data back to the company. “It really is this sort of nationwide surveillance network that’s been built up privately outside of the reach of a lot of the safeguards that would normally exist if ICE had built this database itself or if we were getting it, sort of, from federal agency,” Brandom says. ICE could tap into Vigilant’s database, search for a specific license plate and see where it’s been. ICE could also potentially enter a license plate into a “hot list,” so that the agency would be alerted if the plate was spotted, says Brandom.”
    Presumably other agencies (etc) could also access the data.

  4. Life imitates Art says:

    A US Army veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan has been deported to Mexico, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement said.
    The deportation follows an earlier decision by US authorities to deny Miguel Perez’s citizenship application because of a felony drug conviction, despite his service and the PTSD he says it caused.
    Perez, 39, was escorted across the US-Mexico border from Texas and handed over to Mexican authorities Friday, ICE said in a statement.
    Perez, his family and supporters, who include Sen. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, had argued that his wartime service to the country had earned him the right to stay in the United States and to receive mental health treatment for the PTSD and substance abuse.

  5. Mike says:

    “Veteran Lance Cpl. Enrique Salas’ flag-draped casket was loaded into a hearse with a Marine Corps seal and two miniature American flags protruding from either window.
    Salas finally made it home to the central San Joaquin Valley the only way he could.
    The Persian Gulf War veteran, who was deported to Mexico in 2006, was buried with military honors in a Reedley cemetery on Friday beside his younger brother, another fallen Marine.”c(Fresno Bee 4/23/18)
    “Unfortunately, we were not able to bring him back to the United States to seek the medical treatment that he’s entitled to in time to save his life,” said Ricardo Franco, chairman of the Committee on Deported Veterans under the Veterans Caucus of the California Democratic Party. Salas is among up to 1,500 U.S. veterans who have been deported, Franco said, with an estimated 200 to 300 alive and known by the Committee on Deported Veterans.
    Franco, who is running for Congress against incumbent Rep. Devin Nunes, said it’s hard to get an exact number because immigration officials and the Department of Veterans Affairs don’t keep track of how many deportees are veterans.
    “Discharged, then Discarded: How U.S. veterans are banished by the country they swore to protect.” (ACLU)

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