Fake President Brags About His Cognitive Abilities

❝ President Trump bragged about his recent performance on a cognitive test at an RNC meeting Thursday, telling the crowd that he’s one of the rare few who can identify drawings of animals…

❝ But leakers leak, and Breitbart got the audio of Trump’s speech. “Let me tell you, those last ten questions are hard,” he said, referencing the final third of the test that’s sometimes used to screen for Alzheimer’s and dementia. “There aren’t a lot of people that can do that.” He added that most members of the media couldn’t pass the test.

Trump was almost certainly joking. One of the last ten questions asks test takers to identify the similarity between a train and a bicycle, and Trump isn’t so deranged to think that’s a world-class brainteaser. Right?

Hard to believe when West Wing staff say they gave him the crap memo from Devin Nunes to proof and decide upon – and gave him six hours or more to do this. It’s three-and-a-half pages long, folks. There are junior high school kids better at this level of task than Trumpkins.

Anyway, read the article.