Enjoy Fake President’s Day

❝ We have entered an age of unreason; an American dark age. A major political party has fallen into decay, seized full on by extremists and overrun by racism, tribalism, greed, xenophobia and demographic panic. It is no longer a question of whether their president can ever be our president, and speak to the nation with moral authority. He can’t. His legitimacy is too much in doubt and his character too absent. The only question is whether the majority can hang onto its collective outrage long enough to drive the neo-Nazis, anti-modernists, haters and fear-mongers who have organized under the Trump banner back into the shadows.

RTFA. Read further. Americans of good will and well-educated in economics and politics recognize the criminal liaison between Trump, the Republican Party, and fascist-minded racists.

6 thoughts on “Enjoy Fake President’s Day

  1. Psalm 34:13 says:

    ‘I rise today, to talk about the truth, and its relationship to democracy. For without truth, and a principled fidelity to truth and to shared facts, Mr. President, our democracy will not last.” Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) in a Senate speech on Jan 17th that criticized President Trump and his attacks on the media. Flake’s entire speech, both video and an annotated transcript (click on highlighted text to read the annotations) are at https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2018/01/17/our-democracy-will-not-last-jeff-flakes-speech-comparing-trump-to-stalin-annotated/?utm_term=.11d3884d73e2

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