“I Don’t Understand Why I Can Still Go Into a Store and Buy a Weapon of War”

❝ A survivor of the Parkland, FL school shooting made an emotional plea during a listening session at the White House on Wednesday — which was hosted by President Donald Trump.

In a powerful speech, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High student Sam Zeif questioned why he — having just turned 18 years of age — had the ability to purchase an assault rifle.

“I turned 18 the day after [the shooting],” Zeif said, through tears. “Woke up to the news that my best friend was gone. And I don’t understand why I can still go in a store and buy a weapon of war. An AR.”

Life in these United States. Pigs in Congress and a pimp in the White House.

Friedman Op-Ed: Whatever Trump Is Hiding Is Hurting All of Us Now

❝ Our democracy is in serious danger.

President Trump is either totally compromised by the Russians or is a towering fool, or both, but either way he has shown himself unwilling or unable to defend America against a Russian campaign to divide and undermine our democracy…

❝ In sum, Trump is either hiding something so threatening to himself, or he’s criminally incompetent to be commander in chief. It is impossible yet to say which explanation for his behavior is true, but it seems highly likely that one of these scenarios explains Trump’s refusal to respond to Russia’s direct attack on our system — a quiescence that is simply unprecedented for any U.S. president in history. Russia is not our friend. It has acted in a hostile manner. And Trump keeps ignoring it all…

❝ Donald, if you are so innocent, why do you go to such extraordinary lengths to try to shut Mueller down? And if you are really the president — not still head of the Trump Organization, who moonlights as president, which is how you so often behave — why don’t you actually lead — lead not only a proper cyberdefense of our elections, but also an offense against Putin.

RTFA, Tom Friedman fills his role as gadfly, once again – in an important way. Once in a while, the sum of the bits and pieces I disagree with in a Friedman piece lead me to set it aside afterwards. Not often. But, he speaks well and often to the point of American democracy – the disappointment of crap politicians abusing such needs.

Trump doesn’t come up to the standard of “crap politician”.