One thought on “A Trade War That’s Easy To Settle

  1. Invisible Hand says:

    “While much of the acrimony emanating from the White House on trade focuses on America’s trade deficits in goods — like steel, aluminum, textiles and auto parts — the simple fact is that the U.S. actually runs a surplus in services with the world. And that surplus continues to expand and grow.
    Similar to other advanced economies, for the last few decades, America has undergone a transition from an old economy (goods-producing) to a new one (services-providing). Providing services is the heartbeat of America’s new economic growth, including IT and communications services, logistics, warehousing, leisure, hospitality, health care, business and legal services.
    But in order for American companies, markets and wages to grow and expand in a sustainable trajectory, it needs export markets for its services. A trade war could potentially jeopardize that and thus America’s economic trajectory as well as economic growth around the world.”

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